Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Middle School Staff Directory


Last Name First Name Extension Position Email
Allen Lynne 3211 Mathematics lallen@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Baker John 3108 Tech Ed jbaker@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Beaufort Christina 3201 Librarian cbeaufort@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Burns Marlene 3217 Special Education mburns@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Callwood Molly 3208 Science mcallwood@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Catanese Gina 3218 Language Arts gcatanese@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Clendaniel Traci 3113 Language Arts tclendaniel@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Colucci Donna 3681 Nurse dcolucci@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Crawford Lori 5507 Speech lcrawford@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Crawford Thomas 3209 Science tcrawford@dlsd.k12.pa.us
D'Ambrogi Eric 3110 Spanish ed'ambrogi@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Dancisin Carole 3626 Guidance Secretary cdancisin@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Dietrich Elizabeth 3114 Math edietrich@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Earls Natalie 3107 French and Spanish nearls@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Ewing Robert 3117 Alternative Education rewing@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Fabian Lisa 3220 Computers lfabian@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Havelka Brandy 3104 Social Studies bhavelka@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Henderson Rebecca 3109 Chorus rhenderson@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Hildebrandt Lisa 3213 Special Education lhildebrandt@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Holoweckyj Marilynn 3111 Science and Social Studies mholoweckyj@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Huerbin Damon 3210 Special Education dhuerbin@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Huerbin Lisa 3204 Reading lhuerbin@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Jaros Jacqueline 3670 Guidance Counselor jjaros@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Koprivnikar James 3112 Mathematics jkoprivnikar@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Kubicko Stephen 3205 History skubicko@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Lesniewski Thomas 3621 Principal tlesniewski@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Lubinsky Pete 3011 Health & Phys. Education plubinsky@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Machajewski Jason 3010 Health and Physical Education jmachajewski@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Mangieri Katie 3214 Special Education kmangieri@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Mellish Tina 3219 Mathematics tmellish@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Mickle Tamara 3212 History tmickle@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Pazman William 3118 Art wpazman@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Ringer Carole 3644 Cafeteria Manager cringer@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rotondo Desiree 3105 Language Arts drotondo@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rotto Gretchen 3207 Family Consumer Science grotto@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rountree Donna 3123 Computers drountree@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Scholl Leanne 4503 Strings lscholl@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Schwarzl Karen 3200 Reading kschwarzl@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Shrum Therese 5510 ESL tshrum@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Snyder Christopher 2707 Band csnyder@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Tatrn Judith 3623 Secretary jtatrn@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Welteroth Charlena 3203 Language Arts cwelteroth@dlsd.k12.pa.us


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