Tuesday, December 7, 2021
High School Staff Directory
Last Name First Name Extension Position Email
Beck Mandy 2118 Visual Communications mbeck@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Beck Yvette 2207 Math (am) ybeck@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Bellisario Charles 2634 Athletic Director cbellisario@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Boyer Rebecca 2219 Special Education rboyer@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Brock Karen 2621 Principal kbrock@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Callwood Timothy 2205 Math tcallwood@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Calvert James 2658 Network Admin. jcalvert@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Campos David 2622 Assistant Principal dcampos@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Carlson Margaret 2115 French/Spanish mcarlson@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Casey Victoria 2232 Chemistry vcasey@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Clark Doug 2202 Information Technology dclark@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Clark Ronald 2659 Tech. Spec. rclark@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Coons Stacy 2224 English scoons@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Culp Christy 2104 Art cculp@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Deluca Mary 2208 Math mdeluca@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Destein Josh 2109 Spanish jdestein@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Dibasilio Victoria 2234 Special Education vdibasilio@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Dick Surina 2623 Secretary sdick@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Foster Gale 2673 Social Worker gfoster@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Fullem Jeffrey 2119 Technology Education jfullem@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Furiga Angelo 2656 Director of Technology afuriga@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Gacci Leighann 2624 Attendance Secretary lgacci@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Grantz Terry 2225 English tgrantz@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Hedglin Michael 2235 Biology mhedglin@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Helwig Deborah 2672 Work Exp. Coord. dhelwig@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Henderson Rebecca 2704 Chorus rhenderson@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Howells Donna 2230 Chemistry dhowells@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Krol Sharon 2626 Guidance Secretary skrol@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Kuros James 2654 Comp. Tech. jkuros@dlsd.k12.pa.us
LaJevic Jamie 2236 Biology jlajevic@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Lauletta Daniel 2675 Comp. Tech. dlauletta@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Leasure Mike 2107 Special Education mleasure@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Luntz Marjorie 2644 Food Service Manager mluntz@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Mann Jennifer 2222 English jmann@dlsd.k12.pa.us
McCaskey Victoria 2700 School Nurse vmccaskey@dlsd.k12.pa.us
McDermott Patricia 2211 Special Education pmcdermott@dlsd.k12.pa.us
McManus Carol 2642 Secretary cmcmanus@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Moore Scott 2220 English smoore@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Nellas Louis 2223 English lnellas@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Oliver Susan 2670 Guidance Counselor 11 - 12 soliver@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Paholich Barbara 2138 In-school Suspension
Pascucci Tina 2671 Guidance Counselor 9 - 10 tpascucci@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Pasquinelli Dr. Steven 2643 School Psychologist spasquinelli@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Radick Karen 2674 kradick@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rickard Jennifer 2206 Math jrickard@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Ring Javan 2667 Athletic Trainer jring@dlsd.k12.pa.us
River Michael 2203 Lancer Academy mriver@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rock Lesa 2641 Secretary lrock@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rockot Nicholas 2657 Information Technology nrockot@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Rotto Gretchen 2113 Family Consumer Science grotto@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Scholl Leanne 4503 Strings lscholl@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Shibley Matthew 2231 Physics mshibley@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Shipley Nancy 2201 Information Technology nshipley@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Slomkowski Virginia 2108 French vslomkowski@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Snowball Darlene 2001 Physical Education / Health dsnowball@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Snyder Christopher 2707 Band csnyder@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Spence Bradley 2204 Math / Information Technology bspence@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Taliani Craig 2216 Social Studies ctaliani@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Taliani Lisa 2212 Gifted Education / English ltaliani@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Tomlinson Dr. Barbara 2647 Director of Special Education btomlinson@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Trimble Joan 2103 Library Science jtrimble@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Veschi David 2217 Social Studies dveschi@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Vogel Arthur 2213 Special Education avogel@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Vukelich Mark 2218 Social Studies mvukelich@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Wallace William 2002 Physical Education / Health wwallace@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Walton James 2705 Technology Education jwalton@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Watts Shelley 2214 Social Studies swatts@dlsd.k12.pa.us
Weleski Autumn 2111 Special Education aweleski@dlsd.k12.pa.us
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